In attendance: Cllr Tony Geeson (Chair), Cllr Keith Ray, Cllr Lorraine Lewis, Cllr Jackie Morris, Cllr Tracey Prosser

Present: Ward Councillor Bob Matthews, PSCO Adam Westlake, Emily Godsall (clerk

1. To receive apologies for absence

1.1   Councillor Liz Moraweicka passed on her apologies, which were accepted by councillors.

2. To receive declarations of interest and requests for dispensations

2.1    Cllr Lorraine Lewis declared an interest in item 19 regarding a request from a resident and took no part in any discussion 

3. To approve the minutes of the meeting on 16th February 2022 & discuss actions points

3.1    Councillors RESOLVED to agree the minutes of the meeting on 16th February 2022 as an accurate record of the meeting and the minutes were signed the Chair Cllr Geeson.

3.2    Councillors considered the actions from the previous meeting. From the budgent monitoring document it was noted by councillors that the budget expenditure was currently below the precept amount requested.

3.3   Councillors were reminded of Herefordshire Council’s request for views on the new model code of conduct and arrangements for dealing with code of conduct complaints against. Any comments were to be sent to Claire Ward by 25th March 2022. Councillors were advised that Claire Ward was in fact leaving her position with Herefordshire Council before the this date.

4. Public Open session – to receive comments from the public on parish matters (no decisions)

4.1    No comments were raised by the public

5. To receive a report from Ward Cllr Bob Matthews

5.1 Cllr Matthews advised that a member of the public had requested for the Breinton/Sugwas name sign to be removed because it was inaccurate. Councillors advised that they had already been made aware of this request and the general opinion was that the sign should remain in place, however the Sugwas name could be removed as this way the inaccuracy would be removed.

5.2    The C1190 is being resurfaced thorugh Breinton Common, which has been progressed quickly.

5.3    There is currently no further update on planning applications P204242/FH & P204243/L at Warham Court Farm.

5.4    The new planning application P220527/FH at The Pavilion has dealt with a few of the concerns the planning officer raised with the original application.

5.5    Cllr Matthews advised that he thought the planning application P213951/O Eaton View would be difficult to refuse since the previous application had been approved. However, it was noted that the applicants do appear to be trying to minimise any damage that may be caused during the development.

5.6    There are currently a large number of experienced officers leaving the council, which Cllr Matthews advised is concerning as their valuable knowledge is being lost.

6. To consider comments on current planning applications to be decided by Herefordshire Council

6.1    P204242/FH & P204243/L – Warham Court Farm

Councillors RESOLVED not to make any further comments at this stage.

6.2    P220527/FH The Pavilion, Hill Road, Breinton, Hereford, HR4 7PB – Proposed change of use and extension of historic former tennis pavilion to form a single residential dwelling – consultation end date 30.03.2022

Councillors RESOLVED to object to the planning application confirming that all objections to the original planning application still applied to this revised application.

7. To receive an update on recent planning application decisions

7.1    P214390/FH 8 Sweet Chestnut Drive Hereford Herefordshire HR4 0FJ – Proposed ground floor extension – Approved with conditions

7.2   P214052/FH 317 Kings Acre Road HR4 0SS – The works include the replacement of a single storey rear extension with a single storey rear and side extension – Approved

8. Finance

8.1    Councillors RESOLVED to approve the below payments:

Breinton Village Hall£18.00
HALC/NALC subscription 2022/2023£702.35
Breinton Signs£694.80
Nepeta Consulting Ltd£200.00
Clerk’s salaryAs agreed by Cllrs
HMRC PAYE Payment made under the clerk’s delegated powers£225.00  

8.2    Councillors RESOLVED to approve the bank reconciliation as at 17th February 2022 and all transactions made since the meeting:

Balances at 17th February 2022
Balance as per Cash Book£30.573.49
Plus Unpresented Cheques:
Donation to Teamtalk magazine£1,000.00
Village Hall Hire£18.00
John Finch Computers  £75.00
Balance as per Bank Statement£31,666.49

8.3    The councillors reviewed the procedures for internal control and RESOLVED that all measures were being taken to minimise risk.

9. To receive a report on the Village Hall

9.1    Cllr Lorraine Lewis advised the Village Hall Committee are holding a coffee morning at the village, but this had not yet been advertised.

9.2    The committee had raised the issue with Gigaclear and the internet connection. Chair Phil Chapman had requested a previous meeting that the parish council contact Gigaclear on behalf of the residents of Breinton Common regarding ingoing installation delays. However the councillors had decided that it was not the parish council’s responsibility.

10. To receive an update on the recent crime within Breinton

10.1  In January 2022 one violence/sexual offences crime was reported on Conifer Walk, one possession of a weapon on the Green Lane, one vehicle crime on Breinton Lane near the junction with Green Lane, one burglary on Kings Acre Road near the junction with Breinton Lane were crimes reported in Breinton parish.

No report available for February.

Updates are available at

PSCO Westlake attended the meeting and gave an update of incidents over the last 60 days. A property at the Green Lane Park had a container broken into and tools were stolen, At Piliners Hill there has been suspicious activity with horses and tack. In Swainshill there had been a break in and electric fencing equipment was stolen. The councillors were advised that no one has been found responsible for any of these incidents.

Breinton Springs car park is a known problem area but this has currently died down. Increased patrols, aiming at three times per week, have been carried out to hopefully decrease the number of incidents occurring in the areas.

The PCSO confirmed that speeding on Kings Acre Road was a problem known to the police and had been confirmed by the checks done by his pre-decessor PCSO Ekanite(?). He would raise the matter again with Traffic. A site would be needed for cameras and the Council’s assistance in identifying a site(s) would be appreciated

Caise the ouncillors thanked PSCO Westlake for his attendance. The police are aiming to attend parish council meetings twice annually, but advise to get in contact with any concerns at any time.

11. To receive an update from Mike Gill (Balfour Beatty) on recent works carried out

11.1 The meeting was updated on the recent works carried out by Balfour Beatty in Breinton:

Weekending 18th February 2022
Warham Lane – number of gullies raised for cleansing Hill Road Breinton – cway potholes raised for repair C1189 Breinton – fly tip removal raised Breinton Prow BT2 – surface repair completed  
Weekending 25th February 2022  C1190 – flood boards located Warham Lane – blocked gullies cleansed Kings Acre Road – blocked gully cleansed
Weekending 4th March 2022  C1190 – collected flood boards after flood event C1190 – Cway pothole repair raised C1190 – fallen tree at edge made safe with signage and raised with landowner to deal Kings Acre Road – new verge markers installed
Weekending 11th March 2022Kings Acre Road – job raised to collect piles of tree branches removed from completed volunteer tree work Warham Lane – snapped tree branch removed C1190 – cway pothole repair

12. To consider nomimating roads for the Verge Cutting Programme 2022

12.1 Balfour Beatty have asked parish councils whether they would like to participate in the Verge Cutting Programme 2022. As contracted, Balfour Beatty cut the verges twice annually; the first verge cut is currently scheduled to take place around the May Bank Holiday and the second cut towards the end of the growing season towards the end of August. Roads can be nominated to have only the second verge cut in the late summer where there is a wish to encourage greater biodiversity in the verge. By having only one cut any wildflowers in the verge are given the opportunity to flower and set seed over the summer providing food for key pollinators and also habitat for wildlife. Last year the parish council nominated all C and U roads within the parish to only received the second cut.

12.2 Councillors RESOLVED to nominate the roads C1189, C1190, U73021, U73022, U73023, U73024 to receive a single cut during the year 2022 as had happened in recent years.

13. To receive a report from the Footpaths Officer and consider necessary actions

A response is awaited on the request to remove the BT20 footpath from the definitive map.

John Wade advised that the parish council may want to consider appointing a new footpaths officer as he would not be able to monitor the footpaths for a couple of months due to an operation. However, should he would be willing to continue should the councillors be happy to wait until he has recovered. Councillors agreed they were all prepared for John to continue as footpaths officer.

14     To consider supporting the Herefordshire Trail improvements

14.1 Councillors RESOLVED to support The Ramblers Association in response to their request from Parish Footpath Officers and volunteers. BBLP, HC, Visit Herefordshire and the Ramblers are collectively working to improve the Herefordshire Trail, delivering Stiles to Land Owners, Route Clearance, repairs and new bridges. This trail passes through a vast array of Parishes and any support offered in assisting with the above maintenance to promote this wonderful route increasing active travel and allowing walkers to embrace the Herefordshire Countryside with the relaunch of the Trail for visitors in Easter. The Footpaths Officer, John Wade has volunteered to assist with the improvements when he has recovered from his operation.

14.1 Councillors noted that the Herefordshire Trial does not actually pass through Breinton parish, but suggested that this may be an opportunity to request maintenance of the Wye Valley Walk.

15. To discuss current works for the lengthsman and consider further necessary works

15.1 The lengthsman has been sent the STAT plans for two locations where a quote has been requested for works. The first location stretches from the roadside verges (both sides) of the C1189 from its junction with footpath BT6  southwards and then east to the junction with the U73022. The second location is for both verges again on the C1190 from its junction with the C1189 to its junction with footpath BT6.

15.2 The lengthsman in putting together a quote for the drainage grant bid to include all the works which the parish council have identified. Balfour Beatty have advised that the collapsed culvert repair works could be included in the grant application, but the £1,300 would need to be included for the road closure required to carry out these works. The lengthsman was not insured for this kind of work which would have to be done directly by Balfour Beatty

16. To consider participation in the Lengthsman and Parish Paths Partnership Scheme 2022/2023

16.1 Councillors RESOLVED to participate in the  Lengthsman and Parish Paths Partnership Scheme 2022/2022. Balfour Beatty have advised that funding may become available towards the scheme in the future, which will only be available with participation in the scheme. To apply for grants, such as the drainage grant, parish council’s need to participate in the scheme. The lengthsman scheme allows parishes to undertake low risk maintenance works, for example to verges, ditches, village greens or C and U roads. The P3 scheme (Parish Paths Partnership) allows parishes to maintain the public rights of way within their community, maintaining footpath furniture as well as the footpaths themselves. The schemes enable parishes to identify areas where works are required and address these directly, either through local contractors, volunteers, or community groups, encouraging the community to work together. It is recognised that where Herefordshire Council work to a risk based approach, this may not allocate the same level of priority to a job that the local community would, therefore the community are  able to undertake such work sooner than the council would be able to.

16.2 It is mandatory that BBLP and HC are aware of works being undertaken on the highway instructed by Parish Councils. Also, if Lengthsman funding becomes available, the criteria usually stipulates that eligible Parishes must have a Lengthsman currently in post.

16.3 Councillors RESOLVED to delegate responsibility to the clerk to complete the the Expression of Interest form and Annual Maintenance Plan and submit to Balfour Beatty by 31st March 2022.

17. To receive an update on the Tree Planting Plan and consider the next actions

17.1  The clerk advised that email/voicemail messages have been left with the Church Commissioners land agent at Strutt and Parker, but a response has not been received yet. A request for meeting/information on the situation has been left at the Ludlow office, but no response had been received.

18. To consider future potential Breinton Heritage projects

Councillors discussed setting up a working group for the Breinton Heritage.

Cllr Keith Ray suggested a geographical survey, pottery study and small scale excavation to explore the medieval history of a site.

Councillors RESOLVED  to support future projects to be considerd on an upcoming agenda.

Action – clerk to look into the funds included in the budget for Breinton Heritage projects and if all the donated sum had been spent. Cllr Keith Ray to investigate quotes.

19. To discuss correspondence received

Councillors considered a response to an enquiry regarding the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Cllr Lorraine Lewis took no part in the discussion due to a personal interest. Councillors RESOLVED to respond to the to advise that the timing of any revised Neighbourhood development Plan (NDP) is heavily dependent on Herefordshire Councils progress in revising their Local Plan / Core Strategy which the NDP. Herefordshire may be able to provide their overall timescale for the Local Plan review which has just began. Breinton will begin revising the NDP when the Local Plan policies become clear the NDP will need to comply with the same.

Breinton’s NDP does not currently allocate sites, if this is required under the new Local Plan then the Parish Council would need to identify potential sites in the parish.

As a parish council, we are unable to comment on local planning applications prior to their submission to Herefordshire Council.  Comments are considered on planning application by Herefordshire Council during the consultation period.

Potential developers are advised to hold public events should they wish to consult local residents on their proposals at any stage.

20. To receive requests for items on next agenda

20.1 Breinton’s Heritage

21. To pass resolution to exclude the public to discuss the following matters (Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960)

21.1 Councillors RESOLVED to pass a resolution to exclude the public to discuss the employment matters.

22. Employment Matters

22.1 Councillors RESOLVED a decision on the clerk’s salary review taking into account the achievement of the CiLCA qualification.