Sustainability Action Plan

The Sustainability Action Plan, also known as “Painting Breinton Green”, was completed and approved by Breinton Parish Council in August 2012.

How the Plan Developed

Some details of the development of the Sustainability Action Plan are given below:

August 2012:

The Painting Breinton Green group had been hard at work preparing the draft report on the Sustainability Action Plan, which was presented to Breinton Parish Councillors at their meeting on 22 August 2012.
Parish Councillors specifically extended their thanks to Tony and Nichola Geeson, Brian Lunt and Anita Sancha for all their work for Painting Breinton Green and in preparing the report.
The Parish Council agreed: –
1) Welcome to the Sustainabilty Action Plan as a great contribution to the Community Led Plan,
2) Thanks to the Painting Breinton Green volunteers for their efforts to date and encouragement to them to continue involvement in local matters through the Community Led Plan,
3) Thanks to Community First, Ecohere and the Bulmer Foundation for their support,
4) Confirmation that the Parish Council would be very interested in hearing from anyone / any group who wish to pursue reasonable actions from the Sustainability Action Plan and,
5) Confirmation that making Breinton a more sustainable community was important to the Parish Council.

21 January 2012:

A packed Village Hall heard Lynda Wilcox (HALC) explain the outline of what is involved in updating the existing Parish Plan into the new Community Led Plan. Lynda then asked for ideas from the audience about what they like and dislike about Breinton parish and also what ideas they would like to see developed more in the future. There were a very wide range of ideas proposed and noted, and these ideas will be the basis for a steering group to see how best to develop them in the future. This will all form the basis of the Community Led Plan. Tony Geeson spoke on the Sustainability Action Plan, and many ideas for this would ultimately be incorporated within the CLP. Lynda Wilcox took the names of those interested in forming a steering group. The steering group would meet at 7.30pm in Breinton Village Hall on Wednesday 22 February. The group would be assisted by Sophie Pryce of (Community First). One of the first actions would be to elect Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and for these officers to put together the grant application form for funding to help cover some of the costs for the CLP.

23 November 2011:

Parish councillors agreed to go ahead with a public meeting on 21 January 2012 to start the process of updating the Community Led Plan and also start to consider a Sustainability Action Plan and a Neighbourhood Plan. The meeting would be chaired by Lynda Wilcox and hopefully form a steering group to take the lead in organising the review of these issues.

20 July 2011:

At a meeting of Breinton Parish Council Rebeca Semple (Sustainable Community Development Officer), and Mary Burton (Ecohere Project Co-ordinator), gave an overview of preparing a local Sustainability Action Plan (SAP). It was agreed that Bruce Wallace would take the lead in arranging a meeting to identify a working group to start on a SAP for Breinton. Anita Sancha, Tony and Nichola Geeson, and John Marshall all expressed an interest to be involved in this work. It was agreed that Graeme Adkin (Clerk) would ask Lynda Wilcox to attend the next parish council meeting to provide details of how best to amend the Community Led Plan (previously known as the Parish Plan). The SAP will form part of the Community Led Plan.