Minutes of Meeting held on 17th September 2019

Present: Anthony Powers (Chairman), Tony Geeson, Jackie Morris, Lorraine Lewis

In attendance:  Bob Matthews (Ward Councillor), Rob North (Reverend), John Wade (Footpaths Officer), 12 members of public and Emily Godsall (Clerk).

  1. Apologies for absence
    1. Liz Moraweicka
    1. Keith Ray
  2. Declarations of interest & consider requests for dispensations.
    1. None declared
  3. Minutes of meeting 19th June, Action Points & Matters Arising
    1. Minutes agreed and signed
    1. Action points discussed and clerk informed of next steps
    1. Cllrs wished to publicise John Harrington’s attendance at the October meeting.
  4. Clerk’s Report
    1. Clerk informed Cllrs that the financial statement will be provided at the October meeting as bank statements have not arrived
    1. Clerk and Liz to liaise to contact the bank
    1. Cllrs approved the following payments due since the last meeting (19 June):-
  5. HMRC                     £235.51
  6. Clerk’s salary        £286.16
  7. 123 Reg                  £11.99   Direct Debit to renew .uk domain
  8. Village Hall            £18.00
  9. Lengthsman          £359.40
  10. Clerk’s salary         as agreed by Cllrs
    1. Cllrs signed cheques and initialled invoices to verify amounts reported.
    1. Cllrs were updated on Mike Gill’s weekly briefings.

5.      Other Reports

Ward Cllr Bob Matthews

5.1          Cllr Matthews informed Cllrs that a decision on the Western Bypass will be made at a full council meeting on 11th October.

5.2          Section 106 funding for the Kings Acre Road cycle way has been approved as a result of the new development at Credenhill and road improvements will be made.

5.3          The government has granted several million for the city centre to be upgraded.

5.4          Cllr Matthews is campaigning for the 40mph speed limit on A480 from Kings Acre Road to be extended towards Stretton Sugwas.

5.5          Cllr Matthews subsequently left after his report declaring an interest in the planning application on the agenda.

Police report

5.5          Cllrs were updated on eight incidents which were reported in/near Breinton in June and no crimes were reported in July.


5.7          John Wade reported that broken step on BT10 had been repaired, but the rail still remains unsafe. Clerk to contact Mike Gill.

5.8          Cllrs were also informed that on BT6 a pile of hardcore had been left on the path, which was impassable at the time, but has since been levelled.

5.9          On BT1 the Himalayan balsam has been cut back

5.10        John raised the reinstallation of the stolen gates on BT10 (at its junctions with C1189 and BT4). Clerk to ask the lengthsman’s opinion on the safest reinstallation of the gates to prevent further incidents and if he would be prepared to store the gates on behalf of the parish council.

Village Hall

5.8          There have been no meetings, emails or subsequent dates.

Tree Warden

  • TPO 583 has been confirmed for the lime trees on Kings Acre Road. Cllrs thanked everyone for the support of the preservation order, especially to Nicky Geeson for drafting the council’s report.
    • Balfour Beatty have agreed to look after the old lime tree on King Acre Road as a historic monument. The tree is in very poor condition.
  • New Financial Regulations
    • Cllrs all agreed for Anthony, Jackie and the clerk to discuss and agree conformity with the new regulations 2019. Tony to be reserve for Jackie if needed.
  • Website Domains

7.1          Cllrs all agreed to authorise the direct debit to renew the .uk domain

  • Fireworks Party
    •           Duties were allocated for the party
    • Venue and date are to be decided following further communications.
  • Public Consultations Affecting Breinton
    • All Cllrs agreed to respond to the Consultation for addresses for Kings Acre Road seventeen new dwellings with the suggested name The Old Cherry Orchard.
  • Environment & Amenities Working Group
    • The quote from Shelley Signs of £1840.00 for the two interpretation boards was

unanimously agreed by Cllrs.

  1. Cllrs all approved Tony’s draft bid for a rural speed limit in Breinton.
  1. Lengthsman
    1. Cllrs agreed for the Lengthsman to be asked to store and install the interpretation boards when they are produced.
  1. Planning
    1. Cllrs were updated on recent planning decisions.
    1. Planning applications 192851, 192852 and 192524 were discussed between residents and the Cllrs.
    1. The Cllrs agreed to write a letter of response to the three planning applications stating their support of all resident individual representations and requesting a number of further conditions to be met.
  1. Correspondence
    1. Cllrs discussed all the correspondence received and several items were clarified.
  2. Items for next agenda
    1. Precept 2020/21
    1. Fireworks Party

Signed ……………………………….                                                                    Date  ……………………………..

Chair/Vice chair

Date of next Meeting: 16th October 2019