This letter has been issued by Herefordshire Council.

Rural Bus Funding for 2015-16

As you will be aware, Herefordshire Council managed to continue to fund a number of bus routes for an additional twelve months following the original proposal to cut the service. The bus service will cease to operate with effect from 10th April 2016 unless further funding can be found. Herefordshire Council is unable to continue to fund the service beyond 2016 and there are pressures to withdraw a further £250,000 from the budget for 2016-17.
The routes are shown on this table:

One year extension to bus routes for 2015-16

The ones that may impact on Breinton residents are as follows: –

39A Hereford – Hay-on-Wye (Hay Ho) Sundays Service –

partly funded by Hay Tourism and Parish Councils. A small gap in funding exists to continue the service

461 Hereford-Credenhill-Weobley-Kington Mon – Sat
Operate evening journey. The withdrawal of these journeys has raised criticism from Parishes in Credenhill, Weobley, Lyonshall and bus user groups.

We are, therefore, asking Parish Councils to publicise the service and encourage their parishioners to use the service, or lose it. This may have the effect of making the service commercially viable. Alternatively, it may be that the Parish would be able to contribute towards the cost of the service.
Please contact me if you need any further information.
With kind regards

Yvonne Tustain
Project Manager
Transportation Department
Herefordshire Council
Plough Lane

Tel: 01432 260683