Breinton Parish Council – News update – May 2018

At their recent Annual Meeting, the Parish councillors re-elected Tony Geeson to be the Chair for the next 12 months, with Liz Morawiecka to continue as the deputy.
The Councillors approved the Governance statement and also signed off the annual accounts, which will be displayed on the website.
Following discussions and a site visit, the Councillors were advised that the Ramblers will carry out some site specific strimming of the Himalayan balsam along the Wye Valley Walk. It is widespread along some stretches of the route between Breinton and Hereford, and it will be some time before Natural England will be able to take concerted steps to tackle the problem. We will try to contain the problem as much as we can for the time being.
The Councillors want to remind residents that there is often an increase in thefts from properties at this time of year, and to ensure that property is suitably secured to reduce the chances of such thefts.
The Parish Council is drafting documents and policies to comply with GDPR, to ensure personal data held by the Council is suitably protected. These documents will be displayed on the website in due course.
The Parish Council have recently taken delivery of a bench, paid for by a generous donor, and this will be sited at Breinton Common, overlooking the Wye Valley and the Eaton Bishop camp. It is hoped that an interpretation board will be located nearby as well.