Minutes of Meeting held on 20th June 2018

Present: Lorraine Lewis, Anthony Powers, Jackie Morris

In attendance: Ward Cllr Bob Matthews, Iain Carter (National Trust), Tom Davies (internal auditor), Graeme Adkin (Clerk).

As the Chair (Tony Geeson) and deputy Chair (Liz Morawiecka) were both absent from the meeting, the Cllrs present proceeded in accordance with the Standing Orders. Namely, those present nominated a chair for the meeting. Jackie nominated Anthony, and Anthony was appointed to Chair the meeting.

1. Apologies for absence

1.1 Tony Geeson, Liz Morawiecka, Keith Ray. John Wade (footpaths officer).

2. Declarations of interest & consider requests for dispensations.

2.1 None declared.

3. Minutes of meeting 16th May, and matters arising

3.1 Minutes agreed and signed.

3.2 No matters arising.

4. Clerk’s report, including bills to pay

4.1 Clerk provided details of recent transactions, and the bank balance as at 31st May.

4.2 Cllrs approved the following payments:-
Clerk salary – as agreed by Cllrs
HMRC – £211.72

4.3 Cllrs signed cheques, initialled invoices and bank statements to verify amounts reported.

4.4 Clerk reported works completed by Balfour Beatty.

4.5 Cllrs requested clerk to contact Ramblers regarding a donation.

4.8 Clerk to contact Wye and Usk Foundation regarding spraying of Himalayan balsam.

5. Other Reports

Ward Cllr Bob Matthews

5.1 Bob updated Cllrs on a number of matters.


5.2 Nothing to report.

Footpaths Officer

5.3 Nothing to report.

Village Hall

5.4 Lorraine updated Cllrs from the recent VH Committee meeting.

Tree Warden

5.5 Nothing to report.

National Trust

5.6 Iain updated Cllrs on litter picking at Breinton Springs; available grazing at the Springs; discussion around the interpretation board; and the NT submission to the HC consultation on the Western relief road.

5.7 Clerk to follow up these issues.

6. Environment and Amenities Working Group

6.1 As the key personnel for the issues currently being considered by the EAWG were absent, no further discussion was held on this topic.

7. Consultations affecting Breinton

7.1 Cllrs considered a further consultation on the by-pass, but following previous email correspondence, it was decided that no further action would be taken on this matter.

7.2 Cllrs agreed they would consider holding a further public meeting once the proposed routes for the 2 options had been announced.

8. Lengthsman

8.1 No comments from residents on location of grit bin in Breinton Common – clerk to advise Lengthsman.

8.2 Clerk to contact others for any further tasking.

9. Planning

9.1 Clerk advised Cllrs of 2 recent decisions, namely 181002 (353 Kings Acre Road) and 181416 (151 Kings Acre Road).

9.2 Cllrs considered the application at Heron Hill (181681). No comments had been received from neighbours who had received a letter notifying them of the application.

9.3 Cllrs had no objections to the application, though clerk to consult other Cllrs for comments.

10. Grit & dog poo bins

10.1 No comments received on the proposed siting at Breinton Common. Clerk to advise lengthsman to supply and install the 2 bins as previously agreed.

10.2 Cllrs agreed not to go ahead with the supply and installation of dog poo bins – it would be an on-going cost, and could lead to requests for dog poo bins in other locations also. It could also be seen as justifying bad behaviour.

11. GDPR update

11.1 Clerk summarised the current position regarding GDPR.

11.2 Cllrs approved the current draft privacy policy and consent forms that have been placed onto the website. Those on the email circulation list can now be contacted for consent to continue receiving such emails.

12. S106 wish list

12.1 Cllrs approved the proposed improvements to the A438/A480 road junction as proposed by Tony.

13. Correspondence

13.1 No points arising.

14. Items for next agenda

14.1 Usual items.

14.2 Bob had advised that the 2 routes for the WRR will be announced on 10th July, and likely to go to Cabinet on 19th July. Cllrs decided that once these routes and dates and been formally announced, then a further public meeting will be arranged, before the next BPC mtg in August.

Signed ………………………………. Date ………………….
Chair/Vice chair

Date of next Meeting – 22nd August 2018