Herefordshire Council have announced a further consultation on the Hereford Transport Package (HTP). The previous consultation on the HTP (February and March 2018) also covered the seven shortlisted routes for the proposed bypass. After this the Council chose the ‘red route’ as their preferred route for the bypass and began looking at it in more detail.

This further consultation is about walking, cycling, bus and public space. Unsurprisingly these are all issues that received strong support from the public. This further consultation runs for six weeks from Tuesday 19th January to Monday 11th March. Details of the times, places and if there will be people present to answer questions are all in this letter. Details will also be on the Herefordshire Council website.

It is unclear if this further consultation will say much about the proposed bypass. However Herefordshire Council insist that improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport can only be achieved if a bypass is built and diverts traffic away from the city.

Parish Councillors will look at this further consultation in detail to see what it says about things like a cycleway along Kings Acre Road and if it tells us anymore about the proposed bypass. If you go to one of the public exhibition events please let us know what you think, especially if you decide to respond to Herefordsire’s consultation. We encourage you to do this as it is the only way to let the Council know the strength of local opinion.