Present:  Anthony Powers (Chair), Tony Geeson (Vice chair), Jackie Morris, Liz Morawiecka, Lorraine Lewis

In attendance: 4 members of the public and Emily Godsall (clerk)

  1. Apologies for absence

1.1 Keith Ray, Cllr Bob Matthews, John Wade

2. Declarations of Interest and consider requests for Dispensations

2.1 Cllr Tony Geeson declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 4.1 St Michael’s PCC donation.

3. Minutes of meeting on 13th January, action points and matters arising

3.1 The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting and then signed via separate arrangement on 19th February 2021.

3.2 The action points and matters arising were discussed.

3.3 Cllrs all agreed on the importance of a Breinton Parish Council representative being present at the drainage site meeting with Mike Gill (Balfour Beatty Locality Steward) and Richard Mills (Lengthsman)

4. Clerk’s Report

4.1 Councillors approved the below payments:

Lengthsman £237.60

St Michael’s PCC donation  for 2020 £700.00

Clerk expenses January 2019 – January 2021 £760.98

Clerk’s salary £300.00

HALC £210.00

123 Reg £14.39

4.2 The clerk delivered the financial report detailing transactions made since the previous report and the bank balance as at 17th January 2021.

4.4 The cheques were signed, bank statements and invoices initialled by separate arrangement on 15th January.

4.5 The meeting was updated on the works completed and raised throughout the parish as detailed in Mike Gill’s weekly briefings.

4.6 This payment was after the PCC’s year end but within the Parish Councils budget for 2020/21. Any future donations, if requested and approved, would need to be from the Parish Council’s 2021/22 budget commencing in April.

5. Other Reports

Ward Cllr Bob Matthews

5.1 Cllr Matthews provided a written report which included news on the Breinton TRO, the Banbh Farm planning application appeal, the western bypass and the Kings Acre Road development.

5.2 As it had been over a year since he last attended a meeting Cllrs agreed for the clerk to ask Cllr Matthews to attend the next parish council meeting in March.

Police report

5.43 The meeting was informed of the vehicle crime on Green Lane and the violence/sexual offence on A438 near Breinton Lane which were reported in December.


5.3 John Wade info confirmed two of the footpaths gates have been installed.

Village Hall

5.4 Cllr Lorraine Lewis provided the update for the village hall. The village hall committee held a meeting on Monday 23rd February which Lorraine was unable to attend due to short notice of the meeting taking place.

5.5 Cllrs agreed for the clerk to send a letter to the village hall committee to address the importance of Lorraine’s valued attendance at the meetings as the Breinton parish council representative.

6. Gigaclear Fibre Optic Broadband Installation

6.1 The Chair gave an update on the completed Gigaclear works. Assurance has been received that any outstanding works were scheduled to be completed in February.

6.2 The damaged verges/ditches are being cleared of contractors’ debris and litter in March/April and topsoil and grass seed are to be added to all verges where works have taken place.

6.3 Some households have already been connected and other residents should receive emails from Gigaclear regarding their personal connections.

7. Environment & Amenities

Breinton signage

7.1 Cllrs resolved to defer the item until a quote and the list of permitted symbols has been provided by Balfour Beatty.

Breinton noticeboards

7.2. Cllrs discussed quotes previously circulated for the parish noticeboards.

7.3. All Cllrs resolved to accept the quote received from Graham Goldsack and order two noticeboards; one of each design; as a first instalment.

7.4 All Cllrs resolved that only four of the noticeboards needed replacing as opposed to the previously agreed 5. The Kings Acre noticeboard glass is being replaced by the Lengthsman and is otherwise in good condition.

8. Traffic and Speeding Survey

8.1 Cllrs resolved to defer the item until the next meeting . The full data from the survey had not been provided by ADL which did not allow a meaningful response to be discussed.

8.2 Clerk to request the complete data from ADL again.

9. Hereford Relief Road Decision

9.1 The Chair thanked everyone who had worked over many years to help convince Herefordshire Council that there were cheaper and more efficient options than the Western Bypass.

9.2 Cllr Lorraine Lewis thanked all the councillors, especially Liz Moraweicka for their time, work and effort in making all the information available to residents and studying relevant documents.

9.3 Cllrs were all disappointed in Cllr Matthews’ support of the Southern Link Road which as first leg of the projected bypass would have been damaging to Breinton parish. Cllrs agreed a letter should be sent to Cllr Matthews regarding the parish council’s disappointment in his support for the Southern Link Road at the Full Council meeting on 2 February.

9.4 Cllrs agreed a letter should be sent to local MP Bill Wiggin asking him to support Climate Emergency and sustainable measures to tackle traffic congestion in the city, and to use his influence in securing any potential government funding.

10. Lengthsman

10.1. Cllrs agreed locations on points 1 and 4 of the drainage survey required clarity. Clerk to ask lengthsman to clarify these points then send survey to Mike Gill.

10.2 Cllrs resolved that most of the identified drainage problems were the landowner’s responsibility. It was agreed to ask advice on when Balfour Beatty would take  action against any landowner neglecting this responsibility and legal advice on charging necessary works carried out by the lengthsman to the landowner.

10.3 Cllrs resolved to accept the quote for the Kings Acre noticeboard repair.

10.4 Cllrs resolved to accept the quote for the repair on the way maker post on BT2A and to be installed on the left hand/west side of the gate.

11. Lengthsman & Parish Paths Partnership (P3) Scheme

11.1 Cllrs resolved to continue participation in the scheme.

11.2 Cllrs delegated the completion of the Annual Maintenance Plan to the clerk. It would need to be substantially updated to reflect current work requirements and budgets.

12. Review of the Lengthsman Contract

12.1 Cllr Tony Geeson proposed deferring the item until relevant and current examples of a job advertisement, job description, invitation to tender, selection criteria and full contract have been received.

12.2 All Cllrs resolved to defer the item until the five relevant documents are available.

13. S106 Wish List

13.1 Cllrs agreed to amend point 2 of the current wish list by deleting the Kings Acre Halt junction which was covered in more detail at point 5.

13.2 Cllrs agreed to add improvements of pedestrian and cycle access to the three closest amenity provisions in point 3.

14. Planning

14.1 Cllrs were updated on the recent decisions

P202499/F – Planning Permission, Land adjacent to Galen House Cherry Orchard Kings Acre Hereford. Proposed new dwelling and detached garage. Approved with conditions.

P202802/FH – Full Householder, 205 Kings Acre Road Hereford Herefordshire HR4 0SR: Proposed single storey extension, roof light to attic and a garden room/store building. Approved with conditions.

P193578/F – Planning Permission Banbh Farm, Breinton, HR4 7PP, Erection of agricultural barn with appropriate landscaping and planting. An appeal has been made against the decision to refuse permission.

14.2 Cllrs resolved to delegate a response to the Banbh Farm planning application appeal to the clerk.

14.3 Cllrs discussed current planning applications to be decided by Herefordshire Council

P210371/PA Buckland 313 Kings Acre Road Breinton Hereford HR4 0SS – Proposed single storey extension which will extend beyond the rear wall of the dwelling house by 4.50 metres. The maximum height of the enlarged part of the dwelling house is 3.30 metres and the height of the eaves of the enlarged part of the dwelling house is 2.20 metres.

14.4 Cllrs resolved to make no response on the application as both properties either side have made the similar type of extension and their were no local concerns.

201747 Re-consultation Land of Breinton Lees Kings Acre Road Hereford Application for variation of conditions 1 and 2 of planning permission of the reserved matters approval 170579 (Application for approval of reserved matters following outline approval for 10 dwellings). To improve the design of the dwellings, improve connectivity to the amenity spaces and provide flexible, modern open plan layouts.

14.5 The Chair invited members of the public to share their comments on the application, which included amenity concerns, proximity to the boundaries and field run off.

14.6 Cllrs resolved to stand by their objection submitted in November 2020 but to add concerns on screening the southern boundary and fencing to the protected area.

15. Correspondence

15.1 Cllrs agreed to report Church House Breinton HR7 7PG as an empty property.

16. Items for next agenda

16.1 Verge cuttings

Signed ……………………………….                                                    Date  ………………….

Chair/Vice chair

Date of next Meeting  – 17th March 2021