Minutes of Meeting
held on 12th October 2016

Present: Tony Geeson (Chair), Anthony Powers, Jackie Morris, Liz Morawiecka.

In attendance: Tom Davies (internal auditor), Graeme Adkin (Clerk).

1. Apologies for absence

1.1 Keith Ray, Lorraine Lewis

2. Declarations of interest & requests for dispensations

2.1 Councillors signed the attendance book. No declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of meeting 31st August and matters arising

3.1 Minutes were agreed and signed.

3.2 AP advised that there had been no response to Herefordshire Council’s budget consultation as information he was waiting for was too late in arriving.

3.3 With ref to 3.3 in previous minutes, TG advised he would follow up for a response from HALC.

3.4 GA to source pictures for Interpretation Board.

4. Clerk’s report, including bills to pay

4.1 Clerk gave details of the financial statement as at 5th September.

4.2 Cllrs approved payments as follows:-
NDP (reimburse TG, PIP printing) £27.00
Kirkwells (NDP) £1,700.40
Clerk salary – (Sept & October) as agreed by Cllrs
HMRC (PAYE) as per clerk’s salary

4.3 JM and AP signed the cheques. TG initialled the invoices and verified the bank statement balances.

4.4 Cllrs considered further works for the Lengthsman. Clerk to follow up.

4.5 Clerk updated Cllrs on other issues.

4.6 TG reported to the meeting on the Balfour Beatty briefing he attended on 11th October.

5. Other Reports

Ward Cllr Bob Matthews

5.1 Cllr Matthews reported on: – his communication with Balfour Beatty; update on recent planning application; the Three Elms Development; the KAR cycle-path and the extension of Stretton Sugwas school.


5.2 Clerk advised the Cllrs that Breinton was not mentioned in the recent police report.

Footpaths Officer

5.3 No report
Village Hall

5.4 No report

Tree Warden

5.5 No report.

6. Neighbourhood Plan

6.1 TG provided an update in preparation for the referendum on 3rd November.

6.2 Cllrs agreed the draft publicity notices, and TG will arrange for these to be printed, along with the final NDP.

6.3 All NDPSG members to assist in publicising the referendum to every household in Breinton.

6.4 AP proposed a formal vote of thanks to the NDPSG, and especially to Tony and Nicky Geeson for all their work (and which continues) on the NDP. All Cllrs agreed.

7. Precept

7.1 GA summarised the key changes in the draft figures for 2017/18, compared to the current year.

7.2 Cllrs identified some areas to adjust in the calculations. These will be incorporated and brought to the meeting in November.

8. Comments on non-controversial planning applications

8.1 This matter was discussed and Cllrs agreed to leave this matter for 12 months, and if necessary, re-consider the issues at that time.

9. Fireworks

9.1 Preparations for the party were discussed and agreed.

10. Proposed Parliamentary Boundary changes

10.1 Cllrs considered the proposed changes affecting Breinton, and decided not to make any comments to BCE regarding these proposals.

11. Planning

11.1 GA updated Cllrs on recent decisions: –
a) 161752 – Manor Farm – permission granted.
b) 162631 – Verso – permission granted.

11.2 Cllrs considered the Three Elms development for 1,200 houses. (162920, 162921 & 16292).

11.3 Agreed that TG and Cllr Matthews will meet with the Planning Officer to discuss various issues on this application, especially unsatisfactory elements along KAR).

11.4 Cllrs can then consider the application further at the next planning meeting.

11.5 Cllrs agreed to hold a further planning meeting on Tuesday 25th October, when they will consider the Three Elms application, along with the applications 161280 (Warham Court Farm) and 163120 (Fox Down, KAR)

12. Correspondence

12.1 No points arising.

13. Items for next agenda

13.1 Precept. Fireworks. Lengthsman.

Meeting closed at 21.15hrs

Signed ………………………………. Date ………………….
Chair/Vice chair

Date of next meeting – 16th November 2016