Au-revoir and THANK YOU to Graeme Adkin
The Parish Council has changed its Clerk. Our long standing Clerk, Graeme, has called it a
day and decided to concentrate on his other jobs. We will all miss him, he has done so much
for Breinton over more than ten years and carried out his tasks in such a pleasant way.

Hello and welcome to Emily Godsall

Good clerks are really hard to find but we are very lucky to have appointed Emily. Her
contact details are on the back cover of the Teamtalk magazine. Emily did not know Breinton before
she applied for the clerk’s job so it will be a bit of time before she knows her way around the
parish and who is who. Please introduce yourselves if you see her putting notices on the
boards and make her very welcome.

Planning update

February was another relatively quiet month for local planning applications. The main issue
discussed at the Parish Council’s last meeting were the details of the 17 homes to be built at
the Cherry Orchard site behind Bramley House south of Kings Acre Road just before the
junction with Breinton Lane.
More widely there have been a number of consultations by Herefordshire Council. The one
with the most implications for Breinton is the latest draft of the Hereford Transport Package.
This focusses on walking, cycling, bus and public space measures in the city and gives a
few more ideas about Herefordshire’s thinking on the proposed bypass through the parish.
Key points to note are
1) The possibility of two bridges over the River Wye: a high level road bridge and a
lower level bridge for cyclists and walkers. What will that look like?
2) The potential closure of the lane in Warham that leads to the Community Farm and
on to Broomy Hill as was shown on the map in last Septembers Teamtalk.
3) All the other lanes will apparently stay open under the bypass close to Warham Farm
and over the bypass close to Halfway House. The green lane bridleway is also
shown as continuing as a through route, over the bypass as it cuts through Breinton
ridge in a cutting on the way north to a new junction on Kings Acre Road
4) Walking and cycling improvements (a cycle-path?) are planned along the Kings Acre
Road from the Whitecross roundabout as far as the Bay Horse. Disappointingly these
will depend on funding from the developers of new housing and do not extend as far
as the garden centre at Kings Acre Halt where they would link to the existing cyclepath.

The Parish Council considered these issues when it met on February 20th and made a
number of representations to Herefordshire. There is still time for you to do so as well. The
consultation does not end until March 11th. Details of the consultation are under the ‘Latest Information’ heading of this website if you do not want to go direct to Please do consider sending your views to Herefordshire Council.