PARISH COUNCILLORS are summonsed to attend the meeting of the parish council on WEDNESDAY 19TH OCTOBER 2022 in BREINTON VILLAGE HALL at 7.00pm

22.71 To receive apologies for absence

22.72 To receive declarations of interest and requests for dispensations

22.73 To note the occurrence of the Councillor casual vacancy

22.74 To approve the minutes of the meeting on 14 September 2022 & discuss actions points (no decisions)

22.75 Public Open session – to receive comments from the public on parish matters (no decisions)

22.76 To receive a report from Ward Cllr Bob Matthews

22.77 To consider comments on current planning applications to be decided by Herefordshire Council

– P222769/F Land to the south west of Breinton Lee, Swainshill, Herefordshire HR4 0SW – Proposed 45 dwellings (including affordable housing), garages, access, landscape and associated works

– P223067/PA4 Agricultural buildings north east of Little Breinton, Breinton HR4 7PH Notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of agricultural buildings to two smaller dwellinghouses and three larger dwellinghouse (Class C3) and for associated operational development.

22.78 To receive an update on recent planning application decisions

22.79 Finance:

– To consider the below payments:

Village Hall £18.00;  Royal British Legion donation £30.00; Clerk’s salary (October) as agreed by Cllrs.

– To approve the cash book and bank reconciliation

– To review the budget monitoring document

22.80 To receive a report on the Village Hall

22.81 To receive an update on the recent crime within Breinton and consider necessary actions

22.82 To receive an update from Mike Gill (Balfour Beatty) and consider necessary actions

22.83 To receive a report from the Footpaths Officer and consider necessary actions

22.84 To receive an update and consider further works for the lengthsman

22.85 To receive an update on the Tree Planting Plan and consider the next actions

22.86 To consider registrars for the website government domain

22.87 To consider items for the next agenda


Emily Godsall 07501 293457