are summonsed to attend the meeting of


Via ZOOM At 7.00pm

Meeting ID: 219 782 3505      Password: 7u2gNf


  1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations

3. Minutes of Meeting on 11th November, Action Points & Matters Arising

4. Clerk’s Report

4.1 To consider the following payments: HMRC £237.00, Arnold Baker Local Council Administration £119.99, Village Hall unpresented cheque £18.00, Lengthsman £468.00, Clerk’s salary as agreed by CllrsOther Reports

4.2 To note payment made under clerks delegated powers: HMRC £50.23

4.3 Financial Report

4.4 Mike Gill (Balfour Beatty) Weekly

5. Other Reports

5.1 Ward Cllr

5.2 Police

5.3 Footpaths

5.4 Village Hall

6. To review the Clerk Expenses Policy

6.1 To review and approve the expenses policy

7. Meeting Dates 2021/2022

7.1 To approve the Parish Council meeting dates

8. Public Consultations affecting Breinton

8.1 Signs of safety survey – close date 18.12.2020

8.2 The Future of Rubbish/Recycling in Herefordshire – close date 7.02.2021

8.3 Future of Mobility: Rural Strategy Call for Evidence consultation – close date 16.02.2021

9. Environment & Amenities

9.1 Breinton Signage         

9.2 Breinton Noticeboards

10 Lengthsman

10.1 To identify further works

10.2 To consider the repair to the broken gate latch and sign & post on footpath BT2A

11. Lengthsman contract

11.1 To review the current lengthsman contract

12. Planning

12.1 Update on recent decisions

12.2 To consider comments on current applications to be decided by Herefordshire Council:

P203893/FH Long Meadow Breinton HR4 7PA – Retrospective swimming pool and pool house associated with main residence – consultation end date 18.12.2020            

13. Correspondence

14. Items for Next Agenda

The next meeting of Breinton Parish Council will be held on 13th January 2021.