Minutes of Meeting held on 23rd August 2017

Present: Tony Geeson (Chair), Anthony Powers, Jackie Morris, Liz Morawiecka. Keith Ray

In attendance: Ward Cllr Bob Matthews, John Wade (Footpaths Officer), Preb Rob North, 1 member of public, Graeme Adkin (Clerk).


1. Apologies for absence

1.1 Lorraine Lewis

2. Declarations of interest & consider requests for dispensations.

2.1 None.


3. Minutes of meeting 26th July and matters arising

3.1 Minutes discussed and agreed by Cllrs. Tony signed the minutes.

3.2 The Locality Steward has confirmed there will be no liability on the Parish Council for not replacing the stolen footpath gate (BT2).

3.3 John Wade confirmed that BT2 does not need further attention between Breinton Springs and Warham House.

3.4 Herefordshire Council Budget consultation. Cllrs discussed Liz’s latest draft. This will be circulated for further consideration before agreement and submission to Herefordshire Council.


4. Clerk’s report, including bills to pay

4.1 Clerk gave details of the financial statement as at 3rd August 2017.

4.2 Cllrs approved the following payments:-
Magenta (photocopier – inspection & toner) £104.78
Village Hall £18.00
Clerk salary as agreed by Cllrs
HMRC (PAYE June – Aug) £200.40

4.3 Cllrs signed cheques, initialled invoices and bank statements to verify amounts reported.

4.4 Clerk advised Cllrs of the works carried out by the Locality Steward.



5. Other Reports

Ward Cllr Bob Matthews

5.1 Bob updated the meeting on various issues.


5.2 Clerk updated meeting on incident at Breinton Springs, as per most recent SNT report

Footpaths Officer

5.3 John provided an update for the Cllrs. He has walked the majority of the footpaths recently and will finish these shortly. There are no major concerns with any of the PRoW at this stage.

5.4 Consultation on Rights of Way Improvement Plan will be an agenda item for the next BPC meeting.

Village Hall

5.5 No report.

Tree Warden

5.6 No report.


6. Environment and Amenities Working Group

6.1 Clerk to follow-up permission for bench at Breinton Common.

6.2 Keith to circulate draft text to be included on Interpretation boards at Breinton Springs and Breinton Common.

6.3 A local resident raised the matter of a new campaign group that had recently emerged in Breinton called “Wye Ruin It”. They have formed to oppose the Western Relief Road which Herefordshire Council is currently surveying for in Breinton and adjoining parishes. The local resident asked what connection there was with Breinton PC. There was some general discussion about the matter. It was explained that the Parish Council is an elected local council who aims to represent the views all parishioners and whose councillors have to follow a code of conduct. The meeting recognised that while there would always be exchanges between campaign groups and local council’s they were separate organisations with clear, distinct and different roles and governance.

6.4 Tony advised all Cllrs to read and remind themselves of the Code of Conduct again.



7. S106 wishlist

7.1 Cllrs decided not to include any scheme for drainage or flooding, as these should be paid for by the developer and resolved when any planning application is submitted.

7.2 Schemes considered include: – cycleway along KAR; safer routes to school; minor junction improvements (eg Kings Acre Halt); play provision, especially along Kings Acre Road.

7.3 Clerk to draft list and circulate.


8. Lengthsman

8.1 Lengthsman to repair and replace notice board on KAR. Check if this can be moved slightly to avoid further damage for vehicles moving in and out of field.


9. Planning

Recent decisions

9.1 Clerk advised the meeting of recent approval of details reserved by condition, on application on land adjacent to Galen House, Cherry Orchard.


Current planning applications

9.2 172572 – Mission Hall, Breinton – no response from letters issued to neighbours. No further comments.

9.3 171609 – land adjacent to Veldifer House – consultation period re-opened. Clerk to discuss site history with planning officer, and re-iterate points raised on previous applications.

9.4 172762- Well House, Swainshill – not previously consulted on this application – to ask for extension and possible meeting.


10. Correspondence

10.1 Agreed with Rob North to seek fireworks party on 3rd November.

10.2 Minerals and Waste Local Plan – to discuss at next planning meeting


11. Items for next agenda

11.1 RoW Footpaths consultation: Fireworks: WRR – Precept: EWAG / WyeRuinIt links: Precept: S106 wishlist.

Signed ………………………………. Date ………………….
Chair/Vice chair
Date of next meeting – 18th October 2017